Friday, June 4, 2010

Fancy Cakes

For Mother's Day I had a tea party at my house and I made petite fours, mini scones, tea sandwiches, and other little bite-sized things. I think they came out pretty. Here are some pictures:

Shortly after than Kendrea was looking for someone to take a cake decorating class with her and I agreed to go, and got Lynn to do it too! Here are my creations:

And then I had a party on Memorial Day. Mary Beth brought this ice cream cake that looks like a watermelon:

Hungry yet?


Anonymous said...

That was nice of you to include the watermelon cake in the fancy cake shoot. Maybe you are starting a new career as a cake decorator? That would be a good move!
Mary Beth

Aunt Kathy said...

Yummy! Another outlet for your creativity!

Anonymous said...

The Becky Birthday cake was delicious, too. Was that your creation or Larry's for the cake itself? I wonder how you will combne all of your artistic flairs into one future project....
Aunt Chris