Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fools!

Had a great weekend. The Spring Fair decorations were a vision to behold. And the fair itself was fun, mostly for Jeffrey who kept slipping away to buy more cotton candy with his stash of tickets. In the end he had 3 cotton candies and 3 sno cones. When we got home I made him eat vegetables, so that the nutrients would battle the sugar and artificial blue coloring in his system, somehow. Then yesterday we had the family over for a birthday barbecue and cake. Since it was April Fool's Day that was my theme and I handed out little gag items that I got at the dollar store. They were a big hit. We discovered that there is a certain art to the inflation and placement of a whoopie cushion. And that the only thing better than a little girl with a fake can of candy where the spring-loaded snake comes popping out is putting her in a house full of people who love her enough to play along and act surprised. Every time.

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