Tuesday, April 17, 2007


At the risk of seeming like some screwball reverse Ellie Mae Clampett, I want to go on more about the parade of critters we've had through our backyard the last few days. I've already talked about the squirrel who has now practially become a pet, and we've also had the usual assortment of rabbits and chipmunks darting through the yard, but then on Saturday a medium sized racoon lumbered though, which is a creature that's not too uncommon but has never made a daylight appearance in our yard. Two days in a row there has been a herd of 4 deer making their way across the lawns at dusk, and on Sunday when the weather was so bad a small black cat started making it's way towards our house. The more imaginative family members have speculated that it was a baby panther but I'll leave that up for discussion. And then last night I look out and see this guy looking back:And this morning I went out to take a picture of the geese I wrote about before standing on "a mound" which we have now determined to be the habitat of a muskrat. We've only seen it a couple of times but it swims around really cute.

Now with all this animal action at home we were also captivated by a story in the news last week about a coyote running around the streets of downtown Detriot. Well he was captured and sent out to the wilds of... guess where! Here!

So maybe this infusion of creatures is due to importation from the "city." That's ok I guess.

Anyways, today I might try to get out on either my bike or the Kayak, although it's still awfully cold. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hey.....just catching up on your blog! I think its a POSSUM!

Larry said...

All we need now is a skunk, some porcupines, a turtle and a bear, and we'll have the entire cast of "Over the Hedge".

Mindy said...

So I get this email from a friend from GM:

I was intrigued by one of the critters in your back yard. I though it was either a ferret or a possum. I had the MSU veterinary college research the photo and try to determine exactly what kind of animal it was. Their research was inconclusive, but they found a picture of type of weasel that might be related.

And then I open up the attachment and there's a picture from...you guessed it: the GM org chart!

Did I mention that aside from the weasels there are some extremely witty and wonderful people working at GM? Well there most certainly are!