Friday, April 20, 2007

Fixing Things

On Monday when it was so windy the little rain gauge that I had put on our deck flew down and broke. It has this little bird on it and he came off. So I got some super glue and put it back together. You can't even tell it's broken. Unless it falls again, but I'll be more careful about that. But the power of that tiny tube of super glue! It made me feel like supergluewoman. So then I went around the house looking for other broken things that I had always meant to fix but just shoved somewhere because I didn't have the time to deal with it. The knob thing on our washing machine also broke recently, but I don't know if the glue will fix it, because you have to pull on it. I may try to order a replacement on the internet, and meanwhile I have come up with a way to pry the thing out with a screwdriver so I can keep the laundry going. I feel so powerful!

And here is the Morley Washing Machine, also in need of a superhero:


Aunt Kathy said...

Get familiar, Mindy, with the Discovery Channel's star of "ToolBelt Diva", Norma Vally. I think you will be as impressed as I was! WAY beyond fixing things!

Mindy said...

John wrote: We have the exact same knob! Only ours didn't break off, it just spins freely so you have to turn the dial by getting your fingernails around the edge of the flat part. If you find a replacement, let us know where.

And then he sends me a picture of their washing machine knob as proof! This is so hilarious to me because at a party last weekend they all had so much fun laughing about me spending my days photographing an appliance. And now I'm in good company!