Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Show and Tell

Now that I'm not going to work every day I can assist my family and help my children with their education. Such as today, transporting our cat to the elementary school.
Mrs. William's 3rd grade class has a behavior incentive system where if the children accumulate enough points (for not being bad) they get to pick from a list of rewards which includes "bring your pet to school" which is what Jeffrey chose to do. So our little cat got to have a whole new experience. She did well and let them all pet her fur. Jeffrey did well too, he received positive attention and got to go in front of the class and tell about his pet and answer questions. Maybe these teachers do know a thing or two about motivation. If the turnaround plan stalls out maybe GM should try this approach as a replacement for Enhanced Variable Pay. Hey! Someone put in a suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Missy is, after all, an Oxford Wildcat....


Anonymous said...

Why are you so down on GM? Didn't they support your family for years? If it wasn't for them, would you be able to have the life that you have had with your family? Nobody told you to stay there as long as you did, so stop trashing them!

Anonymous said...

I think one of the weasels from the GM org. chart has been reading your blog.
As for you- why don't you stop reading Mindy's blog and get back to work.
Mary Beth

Mindy said...

To the person who wrote the second comment: I am wondering who you are. And why you wrote that. And why you think a joke about bringing pets to work is "down on" and trashing. And why you are reading my blog if you don't like what I'm writing about.

My comments about work are specific to my situation, I have nothing "against" GM as a corporation, I think they make great products and that I helped that to happen while I was there.

A Corporation doesn't have feelings, people do.

Anonymous said...

Some GM nut job is reading your blog. I can smell the overly sensitive defensiveness of a corporate ego maniac a mile away. Probably one of the people who contributed to your decision to leave. Here's why- the false righteous indignation and the demand that you stop doing something you weren't doing in the first place. Keep on writing, your blog is great!