Monday, April 30, 2007

Sick Day

Jeffrey started to come down with a cold yesterday, and today he was coughing when when he woke up. So I decided to keep him home from school. I so called the school and left a message that he wouldn't be coming in.

The astonishing thing about the above paragraph is how simple it is. ONE phone call. Previously, there would be many phone calls involved in making the arrangements for a sick child. There was the two schools, and their after-school arrangements, and transportation, and before that the calls between Larry and I to determine whether or not he really could make it through a day of class, weighed against possible contagiousness and the opinions of the teachers and other parents for sending an ill-looking child in. And the argument about who was busier at work that day, and whoever did stay home would have to spend a fair amount of time cancelling and rearranging meetings and appointments. Or else we'd get a relative involved but that meant exposing someone else to the possible germs, and their busy schedules. And then trying to tellecommute while entertaining a bored sicky who sometimes felt much better by the afternoon. Plus the dread of what if he's even worse the next day and having to do it all again? At the time we felt fortunate to at least have flexible jobs and nearby relatives, but man did I pump them up with vitamins and pray for good health anyways.

So far today has been kind of nice. It's hard to explain but sometimes I like being with just one of my boys at a time, and really paying attention. We spent about an hour cuddling and reading our birdwatching book, and talking about the ones we've seen and which we'd like to watch for, while listening to the symphony of chirping coming through the window. Then we made soup for lunch, and put out the birdhouses we painted this weekend, and right now he's taking a nap (ok resting in bed reading comic books.) I really hope he feels well enough to go to school tomorrow, but if he doesn't, well, that'll be ok too.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I've been reading, too. I originally started reading just to catch up on you and your family, but you have such an engaging writing style, I find myself checking in every once in awhile. I definitely think you have a talent for writing. Also, you probably feel that since you left your job at G.M., your house is your job (i.e., your need to impress your visitor). Don't worry, that will go away. Sounds like you're doing a lot of great things with the boys. That's more important, anyway.
Amy Maxgay
BTW, hope Jeffrey is feeling better!

Mindy said...

I think you are right on about the "new job" concept, I like to think of it that way.

Jeffrey's cold went away quickly, that day of resting did the trick!